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The Taris dueling ring was an arena that featured sanctioned duels on the planet Taris. Travelers and residents alike were permitted to fight using weapons of choice to earn credits, as well as fame. The ring was a profitable business venture in the years leading up to and during the Jedi Civil War, offering spectating and gambling entertainment. During this time, it was owned by Ajuur the Hutt, and featured such famous duelists as Bendak Starkiller, Ice, Twitch, and Revan. Tickets to watch the matches were sold to patrons and gambling on the outcome provided a means of rewarding the winning duelists and grossing additional profit for management. However, in 3956 BBY, most of Taris was destroyed by orbital bombardment. Nevertheless, an arena was active on Taris during the Galactic Civil War after the Upper City had been rebuilt.

Orbital Strike: Arena Free...

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