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Male Ass

The male G-spot may not be the official term for the prostate, but it has the potential to live up to the hype with a little practice. Take things slow, communicate, and use lots of lube to find and master the prostate.

male ass

An adult male donkey is a jack or jackass, an adult female is a jenny or jennet,[4][5][6] and an immature donkey of either sex is a foal.[6] Jacks are often mated with female horses (mares) to produce mules; the less common hybrid of a male horse (stallion) and jenny is a hinny.

The earliest documented donkey hybrid was the kunga, which was used as a draft animal in the Syrian and Mesopotamian kingdoms of the second half of the 3rd millennium BCE. A cross between a captive male Syrian wild ass and a female domesticated donkey (jenny), they represent the earliest known example of human-directed animal hybridization. They were produced at a breeding center at Nagar (modern Tell Brak) and were sold or given as gifts throughout the region, where they became significant status symbols, pulling battle wagons and the chariots of kings, and also being sacrificed to bury with high-status people. They fell out of favor following the introduction of the domestic horse and its donkey hybrid, the mule, into the region at the end of the 3rd millennium BCE.[80]

A male donkey (jack) crossed with a female horse produces a mule, while a male horse crossed with a jenny produces a hinny. Horse-donkey hybrids are almost always sterile because of a failure of their developing gametes to complete meiosis.[81] The lower progesterone production of the jenny may also lead to early embryonic loss. In addition, there are reasons not directly related to reproductive biology. Due to different mating behavior, jacks are often more willing to cover mares than stallions are to breed jennies. Further, mares are usually larger than jennies and thus have more room for the ensuing foal to grow in the womb, resulting in a larger animal at birth. It is commonly believed that mules are more easily handled and also physically stronger than hinnies, making them more desirable for breeders to produce.[citation needed]

The offspring of a zebra-donkey cross is called a zonkey, zebroid, zebrass, or zedonk;[82] zebra mule is an older term, but still used in some regions today. The foregoing terms generally refer to hybrids produced by breeding a male zebra to a female donkey. Zebra hinny, zebret and zebrinny all refer to the cross of a female zebra with a male donkey. Zebrinnies are rarer than zedonkies because female zebras in captivity are most valuable when used to produce full-blooded zebras.[83] There are not enough female zebras breeding in captivity to spare them for hybridizing; there is no such limitation on the number of female donkeys breeding.

In addition to nerve endings, pleasure from anal intercourse may be aided by the close proximity between the anus and the prostate for males, and vagina, clitoral legs and anal area for females. This is because of indirect stimulation of the prostate and vagina or clitoral legs.[14][15][16] For a male insertive partner, the tightness of the anus can be a source of pleasure via the tactile pressure on the penis.[17][18] Pleasure from the anus can also be achieved through anal masturbation, fingering,[5] facesitting, anilingus, and other penetrative and non-penetrative acts. Anal stretching or fisting is pleasurable for some, but it poses a more serious threat of damage due to the deliberate stretching of the anal and rectal tissues; its injuries include anal sphincter lacerations and rectal and sigmoid colon (rectosigmoid) perforation, which might result in death.[19] Lubricant and condoms are widely regarded as a necessity while performing anal sex, as well as a slow and cautious penetration.[20]

In this glute-centric ancient world, a bubble butt was a symbol of power and superiority. The Greek and Roman period gives us the incomparable gift of a threefold ideal of male ass beauty: the young, petite ephebes, the trim athletes and the absolute beefcakes.

Baroque sculptors in the 17th century were too preoccupied with showing off their formal mastery to give us great hemispherical buttocks. Even the great sensualist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who could recreate O-faces (ahegao has nothing on him) and groped flesh, tended to drape his male butts. Sad!

Thankfully, the 18th century gave us Antonio Canova and his male callipygian sculptures. The best example is his Perseus Triumphant, which boasts a fully curved and uplifted derrière. The model for it is Apollo Belvedere, a statue portraying Apollo as a standing archer.

Nazis also idolized Männerbund, a form of male camaraderie and a showcase of virility. As homoerotic as all of this might sound, Nazis did not really take issue with what we now clearly see as homoerotic hypermasculinity. What they loathed was effeminacy. A scrawny body (and, by extension, a flabby ass) meant racial inferiority and degeneracy.

Homoerotic art does not equal pornography. The art of George Platt Lynes is inspired both by gay pornography and classical art, and the result is a series of male nudes marked by elegant simplicity and an eroticism even WASPs could get behind.

He also photographed black models, which was novel: We could now add some diverse bubble butts to the canon. Before Mapplethorpe, statuesque bodily perfection was a near-universal celebration of the white male.

So what's a mule? The word "mule" isn't just another name for donkey; this animal is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. Mules, which are often between 35 to 70 inches (0.8 to 1.7 meters) tall, usually have the body of a horse and the extremities of a donkey, according to the Donkey Sanctuary. Their sounds are a blend of both parents; a mule bray begins with the common horse whinny and finishes with the hee-haw bray of a donkey.

No ifs, just butts! There have been many recurring themes throughout season two of The White Lotus: fragile masculinity, narcissistic tendencies, fake wealth, unexpected obsessions, and, yes, male nudity.

In all of these so-called ideal shapes and sizes, one must keep in mind that these are always influenced by societal and cultural preferences. There are multiple perceptions of what constitutes the ideal female body shape, and these also largely change over time.

late 14c., jakke "a mechanical device," from the masc. name Jack. The proper name was used in Middle English for "any common fellow," and thereafter extended to various appliances which do the work of common servants (1570s). Also used generically of male animals (1620s, see jackass, jackdaw, etc.).

If a man is feeling both brave and excited, you can stimulate this magical spot directly with butt play and anal stimulation. You can also stimulate the male g-spot indirectly from outside the body, by stroking the perineum.

If your partner finds that g-spot play is one of his new favorite things, you can consider working your way up to using sex toys created especially for anal penetration and stimulating the male g-spot.

Try rubbing the g-spot up and down, in small circles, in come-hither movements or with a more constant, static pressure. You may find that he enjoys a very particular form of male g-spot stimulation, or that he likes a variety of touch.

John R. Novotny filed this Complaint against Great American Federal Savings & Loan (GAF) under 42 U.S.C. 1985(3), invoking jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. 1343 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq., alleging that GAF fired him from his position because he charged them with discrimination against female employees. GAF has moved to dismiss the Complaint, and the Motion will be granted.

John Novotny was employed by GAF in 1950 and at the time of his termination was an undesignated employee, having not been reelected as Secretary or as a Member of the Board of Directors. He contends that from January, 1966, the individual Defendants, on behalf of GAF, "embarked upon a course of conduct the effect of which was to deny the female employees equal employment opportunity . . . for promotion and advancement." He listed the following types of actions:

The female employees had expressed their dissatisfaction with the company's policy, and one of them was fired. Novotny alleges that he supported the female employees before the Board and claims a conspiracy of the individual Defendants to prevent his support of equal employment rights for women. He demands money damages from the Defendants in his Complaint and asks that they be enjoined from any further acts of discrimination and ordered to comply with applicable provisions of the law dealing with equal employment opportunity.[1]

Novotny here claims that the Complaint has described, with sufficient factual specificity, numerous acts and patterns of discrimination practiced by the corporation against its female employees since 1966, and that therefore an application of the Rackin analysis is appropriate.

We believe that Novotny has overlooked an essential element here in that he has suffered only one act of discrimination: his termination in January, 1975.[3] The Complaint does list many acts done by the corporation for which female employees may possibly have a recourse, but those acts were not directed to the Plaintiff himself.

Novotny thus has not provided this Court with any factual basis on which to decide that the Defendants practiced an unlawful employment discrimination in their termination of Novotny which was in violation of 42 U.S.C. 2000e. At most, the Complaint shows that the female employees have been aggrieved by the actions of GAF but, Novotny has not shown a potential prejudice which he has, or would suffer by the alleged illegal discriminatory employment practices charged in his Complaint for which the Civil Rights laws can give him remedy. The Complaint does not raise "issues as to which he is aggrieved," Oatis v. Crown Zellerbach Corp., 398 F.2d 496 (5th Cir. 1968), and this Court concludes that the discrimination alleged by Novotny may not properly be asserted in a civil action under Title VII. Jones v. United Gas Improvement Corp., 68 F.R.D. 1, 10 (E.D.Pa.1975).[6] 041b061a72


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