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Colton Ward

Dragons Of Winter Night (Dragonlance: Dragonlan...

The companions continue in their journeys to become the Heroes of the Lance. They travel to Tarsis, which is destroyed in an ensuing dragon attack, split into two groups, one of which goes to Silvanesti only to find it ravaged by a nightmare caused by a Dragon Orb, the other to Icewall Glacier where they kill a Dragon Highlord and take his Dragon Orb. The former group succeeds in obtaining the Dragon Orb and ending the nightmare. The latter group is attacked as they escape and are stranded on Southern Ergoth, an island where they meet numerous elves. Eventually, they travel to the tomb of Huma, where they meet Fizban and a silver dragon in disguise. The former group travel to Sancrist Isle, where Sturm becomes a full Knight of Solamnia, a Dragon Orb is shattered, and a dragonlance is forged. The identity of another Dragon Highlord is discovered. The dragons attack, but are driven off with new dragonlances.

Dragons of Winter Night (Dragonlance: Dragonlan...


At the close of the Third Dragon War, when both the chromatic and metallic dragons were forced away from the affairs of men, D'argent was placed in charge of Foghaven Vale, in which lay the final remains of Huma, Knight of Solamnia. For centuries, the Silver Dragon ensured that the Vale was preserved and that no one disturbed Huma's Tomb. As the War of the Lance approached, D'argent became increasingly concerned about the return of the Dark Queen. Knowing that the Oath of Neutrality, which bound all dragons away from the affairs of men, was still in place, she polymorphed into the form of a Kagonesti Elf, and assumed the identity of the elf-maid Silvart (sometimes called Silvara). She then went to live amongst the elves at Qualimori, to learn more about what was happening in Ansalon. 041b061a72


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