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Mbc Idol Star Athletics Championships 2010 Eng Sub Download Film

Mbc Idol Star Athletics Championships 2010 Eng Sub Download Film

The Mbc Idol Star Athletics Championships is a popular reality television program in South Korea that features celebrities, most notably K-pop idols, competing in various sports events. The show has been airing since 2010 and is broadcast by MBC.

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One of the most memorable editions of the show was the 2010 Idol Star Athletics Championships, which was held at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul on September 14, 2010 and was broadcast on MBC from September 25 to 26, 2010. The show featured a total of 10 events in athletics, five by men and five by women, and a total of 130 participating K-pop singers and celebrities from 15 management companies. Some of the notable participants included Jo Kwon from 2AM, Minho from Shinee, Eunhyuk from Super Junior, Bora from Sistar, Luna from f(x), Jia from miss A, and Son Dam-bi.

The show was a huge success, attracting high ratings and positive reviews from viewers and critics. The show also showcased the talents and charms of the idols, as well as their friendly rivalries and teamwork. Some of the highlights of the show were Jo Kwon's impressive sprinting skills, Bora's double gold medals in 100m and 100m hurdles, Luna's high jump record, and Shindong's javelin throw. The show also featured some funny moments, such as Eunhyuk's hilarious fall during the hurdles race, Dongjun's cute reaction after losing to Jo Kwon, and Jia's adorable celebration after winning the javelin throw.

For fans who want to relive the excitement and fun of the 2010 Idol Star Athletics Championships, there is a way to download the film with English subtitles. The film is available on various online platforms, such as Trakt, where users can watch or download the episodes for free. The film is also divided into two parts, each lasting about 70 minutes. Users can also find more information about the show, such as the participants, the results, and the ratings on Wikipedia. The film is a great way to enjoy the athletic skills and personalities of the idols, as well as to learn more about Korean culture and entertainment.


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