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Krpano 1.0.8 License And Krpanotools License

What is krpano and how to use it?

krpano is a powerful and flexible software for creating and viewing interactive panoramas and virtual tours. It can display spherical, cylindrical, partial, cubical, and stereoscopic panoramas in various formats, such as HTML5, Flash, and WebVR. It also supports panoramic videos, depth maps, 3D models, and customizable user interfaces.

To use krpano, you need two things: a viewer file (krpano.swf or krpano.js) and an XML file that defines the settings and content of the panorama. You can also use additional files, such as images, sounds, plugins, skins, etc. to enhance your panorama.


The viewer file is the core component of krpano. It is responsible for rendering the panorama and handling the user interaction. The viewer file can be embedded in any HTML page using a simple code snippet. The XML file is the configuration file that tells the viewer what to do and how to do it. The XML file can be edited with any text editor or with the krpano tools.

What are the krpano tools and how to use them?

The krpano tools are a set of command-line applications that can help you create and manage your panoramas. They can perform various tasks, such as:

  • makepano: make a template-based pano or tour.

  • maketiles: make or merge tile images. Can be also used for conversion and resizing.

  • convert: convert or resize images.

  • makepreview: make a smooth panoramic preview image.

  • spheretocube: convert a spherical to a cubical pano image.

  • cubetosphere: convert a cubical to a spherical pano image.

  • protect: create viewer files with custom protection settings.

  • encrypt: encrypt files.

  • testserver: the krpano testing server.

  • register: license registration tool.

To use the krpano tools, you need to call them from the command-line or from batch/script files or from other applications. You can also use wildcards or drag-and-drop to pass multiple files at once. You can find more details about the syntax and options of each tool in the [krpano documentation].

What are the krpano licenses and how to get them?

The krpano licenses are required to use the krpano software without any limitations or restrictions. There are two types of licenses: the viewer license and the tools license.

The viewer license allows you to use the krpano viewer file (krpano.swf or krpano.js) on your own domains without any demo messages or watermarks. The viewer license is bound to one or more domain names that you specify when you purchase it. You can also purchase additional domains later if you need them. The viewer license is valid for all versions of krpano.

The tools license allows you to use the krpano tools (krpanotools.exe) without any demo messages or limitations. The tools license is bound to one computer system that you specify when you purchase it. You can also transfer the license to another system later if you need to. The tools license is valid for all versions of krpano tools.

To get the krpano licenses, you need to visit the [krpano online shop] and select the products that you want to buy. You can pay with PayPal or credit card. After the payment is completed, you will receive an email with your license codes and instructions on how to register them. You can also find more information about the licensing process in the [krpano forum] or in the [krpano FAQ].

How to register and use the krpano licenses?

To register and use the krpano licenses, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of krpano from the [krpano download page].

  • Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder on your computer.

  • Open a command-line window (e.g. cmd.exe on Windows) and navigate to the folder where you extracted krpano.

  • Type "krpanotools register" and press enter. This will open a dialog window where you can enter your license codes.

  • Enter your viewer license code in the first field and your tools license code in the second field. If you don't have a tools license, leave the second field empty.

  • Click on the "Register" button. This will register your licenses and create the license files (krpano.license and krpanotools.license) in the same folder.

  • Copy the license files to the folders where you want to use krpano. For example, if you want to use krpano on your web server, copy the krpano.license file to the same folder where you have the krpano viewer file (krpano.swf or krpano.js). If you want to use krpano tools on another computer, copy the krpanotools.license file to the same folder where you have the krpano tools file (krpanotools.exe).

  • Enjoy using krpano without any limitations or restrictions!

If you have any questions or problems with the registration or usage of the krpano licenses, please contact [krpano support] or visit the [krpano forum]. What are the benefits and features of krpano?

krpano is a versatile and powerful software that offers many benefits and features for creating and viewing interactive panoramas and virtual tours. Some of the main advantages of krpano are:

  • High performance and quality: krpano can render high-resolution panoramas with smooth transitions and animations, using hardware acceleration and multithreading. It also supports various image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, HDR, etc.

  • Multi-platform and cross-browser compatibility: krpano can run on any device and browser that supports HTML5, Flash, or WebVR. It can also detect the best viewer mode automatically and switch between them seamlessly. It also supports touchscreens, gyroscopes, keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.

  • Customizability and extensibility: krpano allows you to customize every aspect of your panorama, such as the layout, the interface, the behavior, the effects, etc. You can also use plugins, skins, actions, events, variables, expressions, etc. to add more functionality and interactivity to your panorama. You can also create your own plugins or skins using the krpano plugin interface or the krpano skin editor.

  • Easy to use and integrate: krpano is easy to use and integrate with any web page or application. You can use the krpano tools to create your panoramas quickly and easily, or you can use your own tools or workflows. You can also use the krpano API to control the viewer programmatically or communicate with other applications.

These are just some of the benefits and features of krpano. You can find more information about krpano in the [krpano website] or in the [krpano documentation]. How to create and view panoramas and virtual tours with krpano?

Creating and viewing panoramas and virtual tours with krpano is easy and fun. You can follow these basic steps to get started:

  • Create your panorama images. You can use any camera or software that can capture or stitch spherical, cylindrical, partial, cubical, or stereoscopic images. You can also use panoramic videos, depth maps, or 3D models as your source material.

  • Use the krpano tools to prepare your panorama images for the web. You can use the makepano tool to create a template-based pano or tour, or you can use the other tools to convert, resize, tile, preview, or protect your images.

  • Edit the XML file that defines the settings and content of your panorama. You can use any text editor or the krpano tools to modify the XML file. You can also use the krpano editor plugin to edit the XML file directly in the browser.

  • Upload your panor